[Trade Setup – Breakeven with 0.25R] Buy EURUSD

Monthly, Weekly & Daily – all timeframes for EURUSD are currently bullish. Price came down and rejected from a bullish Daily breaker and a Weekly bullish mitigation block, creating this area which can be be traded from next week. Remember, we always want to buy from an area of discount!

Buy setup on 4H for EURUSD

Monthly chart
Weekly chart
Daily chart
4H Setup

Trade setup confluences

  • 4H rejected from a D Breaker+
  • At 50% discount area of recent up move
  • Hidden imbalance to be filled
  • Trade is in sync with M/W/D
  • Is an unmitigated OB on 200 Range charts
200 Range chart for EURUSD

Update : 12 May 2021

This trade also got activated last night and immediately shot up to give back partials at 1R – but failed to reach 2R. I manually collapsed the trade at -0.5R, giving an effective 0.25R on this breakeven trade

Trade manually collapsed at -0.5R


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