[Breakeven – 0.5R] Sell EURUSD

EURUSD on 4H has just rejected from a Weekly bearish rejection block and in turn created a bearish breaker. I look forward to trade this breaker to catch 3R expansion to the downside.

The catch with this trade is that it is opposing Monthly and Weekly orderflow – so we’ll have to be quick in securing profits with partials.

Trade setup on 4H EURUSD
Daily chart – notice the rejection from weekly rejection block
Weekly chart – Rejection from weekly rejection block
Monthly chart – notice the breaker hasn’t formed yet – so price is essentially still bullish (or in range)

Trade confluences

  • Daily and 4H are in sync with trade direction
  • Sell side sponsorship when price made huge moves after rejecting from weekly bearish rejection block
  • We are selling from a premium area
  • No un-mitigated OB’s in sight to our target of 3R

Update – 3rd May

Trade is now live.

Trade is live

Update – 4th May

1R is hit, this trade is now risk free. Looking forward for the trade to hit 2R now.

1R hit – risk free trade!

Update – 6th May

I had moved Stop loss to breakeven as I was observing on the daily that a bearish breaker was failing to form. Hence protecting profits was the first thing that came to my mind. Since I had already taken a partial 50% profit at 1R, moving my SL to breakeven would mean I would secure that 0.5R profit. And exactly that has played out.

Moreover, price was yet again bouncing from Daily bullish breaker.

See how price failed to make a daily breaker and hence, what happened to price on 4H (it shot back up)

Hence, once again – a good risk management not only saved this trade but also made me a worthwhile 0.5R profit.


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